Training & Payments

➡ Private Sessions are by:, phone or in person.

Our introductory session will be to get to know each other, discuss your situation, challenges and goals and answer your questions. My main concern will be to assure that you feel safe and comfortable with both the process and with me. Know that everything we share will be kept strictly confidential.

The majority of my clients prefer to work via or phone. Please feel confident that the effectiveness of coaching and EFT should not be impaired when working long distances. My clients continue to enjoy great success working this way and feel they can relax and feel comfortable while saving wear and tear on themselves and their vehicles and save the time and expense of travel.

Fees: Sessions:

Normal Session are one hour to one and one-half hour if we agree this is more beneficial to get the depth we want

Emergency (unscheduled) 10 minute calls for existing clients or special exceptions: I will attempt to make these to accommodate your needs. It may not always be possible. Thank you for understanding.

Fees charged will be based upon clients needs and financial abilities. Discuss financial arrangements with Capt. Dick.

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  • Limited email and phone support.
  • If you live in the continental U.S. or Canada, sessions will be by so that you incur no long distance fees.
  • Digital audio recording of session.


Payment is due prior to your session and can be made with cash, check, or Venmo (Venmo accepts credit cards).

If you are paying by check for a or phone session, please be sure to mail your check early enough to assure its arrival prior to the actual session(s).

If you schedule an in person session, you are welcome to bring a check, cash. If you plan to make payment via Venmo, thank you for doing so prior to your visit.

Appointment times are valuable and irreplaceable.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a session please let me know no less than 24 Hours ahead of time to avoid being billed.

Not familiar with It is a wonderful FREE download available through the internet that will allow us to see each other as we work. It does require that your computer either has a built in camera or has an external camera.

By telephone:

If possible, use a headset/ear phones or a speakerphone for your session. If this isn’t possible, don’t be concerned, as I will guide you through the process.

For enhancing our coaching session, hydration will ensure your greatest success. Remember, the majority of your body is comprised of water! It is strongly recommended that you have drinking water available during your session. It can and will enhance results.

Have paper & pen handy. While a recording can usually be made available for you, making your own notes as we go is a great idea to assist you with making progress on your own between sessions.

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