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The 10 most important things you should know about Coach Dick

1). President and Founder of Coaching With Captain Dick.

2). Personal and Business coaching has been a critical part of Dick’s active skills throughout his many years as an Airline Captain, and fifteen years as a Realtor in Florida. He is Founder and CEO of his own coaching company and Dick has worked with numerous people helping them negotiate the emotional and financial pain of the loss of jobs, foreclosure of their homes, and devastating medical issues during the economic downturn through 2012.

3). His success rate with clients has been over 97% and they usually choose work with him for one to two years. His clients have included both women and men solo-preneurs: a lady with her own nationally known coaching practice, a best-selling author and sought-after speaker well known for her inter-denominational work, an amazing newer but extremely talented and experienced life coach, individual business owners, sales managers with large corporations, those working through career change, and both men and women struggling through their transition years.

4). He was a Captain in the US Army, flew Forward Air Control in Viet Nam, and was an Army Aviation Instructor Pilot. He established and managed a wholesale plant nursery, owned and managed over two hundred apartments units and single-family homes. Flew professionally for 39 years, 34 of those years as a pilot for United Airlines and retired as a B-747 Captain. He has been an award winning licensed Florida Realtor® for over 15 years and currently manages his own real estate team.

Dick is a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Business Coach with extensive training and experience in both.

5). His clients see unexpected success with increased sales and/or profits, a reduction in overhead costs, improved relationships in the workplace and at home for both the entrepreneur and the employees, improved work culture and communications.

6). He is and has been a student of personal and business coaching for over 50 years and has had numerous courses as well as years of practical experience in leadership, team-building, management, economics, training and sales with the Army, United Airlines and as a Realtor®. Dick is an active member of his church, a member of the North Port Chamber of Commerce, Charter Member of the Port Charlotte Toastmasters International Club. He mentors certain incarcerated individuals.

7). Recognition: Served in the US Army in Viet Nam, 39 years of flying experience without any FAA violations, injury to crew members, ground personnel or passengers. Exemplary record with United Airlines. Fifteen years of award winning real estate sales. Served as an Elder of his church for 12 years and was Chairman of Board of Church pre-school for two terms.  He was the designated leader for start-up and running a church ministry with 18 team members, that designed a Saturday night service that provided, praise music, prayer and worship, fellowship and dinner to 75-95 local non-church goers every Saturday night. Designated by Presbytery to mentor a local church and successfully guide them through long term serious financial and internal political problems.

8). He is happily married to Denise, his best friend, real estate business partner, supporter, cheerleader and confidant. They share six children, and 15 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

9). He enjoys golf, time with his grandchildren, activities at church and traveling with Denise. His deep passion is helping others succeed in overcoming their resistances, blind spots and self-limiting beliefs and attaining success above and beyond all their dreams. He enjoys being generous with his time and money to church, other worthy causes, and with the numerous pro-bono Life coaching clients he has.

10). Dick is proud to say he is an active Christian whose goal is to continually spread the love of Christ to the world, one person at a time.

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