I know what I should do to get results but it takes the coaching to help me release the obstacles and overcome the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs. DL

Thank you Dick. You inspire me deeply to make changes in my life. It is so helpful to have another person who is willing to be honest and truly listen.  You make a wonderful coach. RH


I started coaching with Dick because I was stressed to the max and my life was empty.

The other day I was making breakfast and was unconsciously whistling. When I became aware of it I immediately felt how much more happy and at peace with my life I had become. DL


Love the website design and knowing Dick Woodhull, he is the perfect person to offer his coaching and counseling services to the fortunate people who contract with him. They will see what a difference Capt Dick can make in their lives. Money very well spent. – See more at: http://www.EpicBusinessTransformations.com

Stephen R. Bamford

Special Assistant to the President and CEO

Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC)




To: Dick Woodhull


Below is my assessment of yesterday’s session with you:

Coach Woodhull was not only professional but very personable in his approach to coaching me regarding my fears. Initially he sent me homework which was a DVD filled with information to prepare me for the session. While the session took place over the internet, as we reside in two different states, I felt like he was right there with me. I know for a fact that he heard my fears and adjusted his approach to meet me where I was. This was awesome. Meeting me in my world helped me “hear” important information that would assist me with facing my fears. Not only did I feel validated but I had a breakthrough in how I might look at my fear of flying in a whole new light.


I thank Coach Woodhull for his guidance and would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking a coach to assist with attaining their goals. I can hardly wait for my next session.

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to encourage me and taking the time to send me information about our sessions.

Last week was truly a wonderful session and this e-mail from you is filled with inspiration.  I have answered the questions and am dreaming and visualizing.  Answers will arrive when they arrive.  Meanwhile I am enjoying life! Dr. Marci Bryant

I am grateful you are with me on my journey.  DJ


Coaching helps me to hear myself think. It forces me to sort through all the ideas and dreams in my head and express them in a logical way. Plus, I have the total attention of my coach who has a deep connection with my success. JW



You have been on my mind every day in the last eight days. I would like to continue our coaching work. My health has been interesting.  Glenn is not doing well. Finances are down the tubes.  Having said all of the above, would you still be willing to work with me?

I do not want to be in a questionable place with moving forward but lately it seems that obstacles find me.

I know I can do better…











Sometimes months of thinking, and reading, and worrying, and churning, and complaining, and enduring sleepless nights of tossing and turning all finally come together, and the answers flow forth so quickly and powerfully I hardly have time to write them down. A coach can really speed up that process. I have a coach too. Captain Dick


Our session today was a huge help. I can actually see myself going back to a career I thought I had given up, which is an amazing possibility. THANK YOU! BS


Hi Dick,

Thanks so much for a powerful session. And, I appreciate your sending me the reading on fear. CM


I would love to continue coaching with you, it has been very helpful to this point. I am seeing differences in me and will continue to focus on growth with your help.  MG


Thank you for your kind support. I continue to feel pretty good and will add tapping to my preparation tomorrow.  I am thankful for our work together. JF



Just wanted to let you know I have had a fabulous time here in Europe.  Probably one of the best professional experiences I have ever had.  Felt while I was teaching that I had opened a new channel to something much larger than myself. MK

(and she actually forgot she had severe fears of flying which we worked on before her trip. DW)


Dick, It felt wonderful to be coached by you. You were very patient and I liked the way you brought the attention back to my feelings when I asked you what my dream meant to you. You guided me very well, and introduced tapping & new approaches for solutions to my situation at just the right time. It is a pleasure working with you.

I liked the way you steered our session into your own direction at the end so that we could focus on something specific and concrete. Your idea of writing my “job description” in a really positive way was great.

You are doing a great job Dick!  Rose.

Dick!!! Thank YOU for your loving and validating email! I just read it twice to soak it all in….the truth in what you shared, your care and concern, and your wisdom/insight. You are a mirror to me and I am totally grateful!!!!! =) Yayy  T.N.


Dick!!! =) THANK YOU SO MUCH for a wonderful session. I was feeling tighter, nervous and unsure before we spoke, but after our session, there was an ease and I felt centered. I have clarity and more confidence. You not only created the space for me to process, but you also reflected back what you saw and that felt so reassuring. Thank YOU for being so amazing!!!  Tasneem Noor

Tasneem is a DreamBuilder Coach, Bestselling author of “The Faith Connection” and a well-known and highly respected leader in interfaith work. She is one of Dick’s clients. Coaches need coaches too.

She can be reached at tfnoor@gmail.com

Her website is http://www.tasneemnoor.com


All coaches create a safe space to explore, challenge, and support. Dick does that and more. He has spent countless hours researching and working for me so he can offer more resources and support.

“Your life will be what YOU decide to make it. It doesn’t have to be what the past has been.” ~~ Dick Woodhull.

Indeed. I shall do my best to make my decisions in the present, not be defined by the past nor be held back by the fear of the future… Amen!

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