Why A Coach?

The Advantages of Having Your Own Personal Business Coach:

You have one person you can meet with who is solely there to focus on you, listen to you, support you, empower you and encourage you with no hidden personal agenda. You have a loyal ally, whose primary concern is your success.   Your coach:

          Can be more objective than you

          Can see and expose your blind spots

          Will answer you completely truthfully

          Will help you implement strategies toward your goals

          Will keep you from getting sidetracked and help you remain focused on your goals.

          Has coached many others and has the experience to get around traps, pitfalls,

self-limiting beliefs and road blocks.


92.8% of our decisions are made by our subconscious and are based upon past fears. All our fears are fears of feelings. They can control us and cloud our decision-making process and sabotage our progress.

Coaching is the most powerful force for change on earth.

Why? You pay for it. You are committed. You are focused.

You are now accountable. You have invested in yourself.


You now have an Environment where you are the NUMBER 1 FOCUS. The entire session is about you and your goals and dreams. You are not sharing the time or attention with anyone else who is trying to get attention too.

Not all the people in our lives are the most supportive.

Some want to protect you from your mistakes.

Some are jealous of your enthusiasm and success

Some are afraid of losing your attention to them

Epic Business Transformations

with Captain Dick will help you:

Set attainable goals.

Reach your full potential.

Figure out why you sabotage your best intentions.

Find your inner peace, true passion and total prosperity.

Increase self-confidence, self esteem

Create better relationships

Improved communication skills

Build stronger interpersonal skills

Enhance work performance

Live the life you were designed for.

To be considered for a FREE introductory 2X and 3X YOUR BUSINESS with MORE TIME OFF, Success Coaching Session, please enter your contact details below and request your FREE COACHING SESSION while there are still openings.


With great compassion for you,

Captain Dick

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