Your Anxiety Is Not Your Fault (And it can be conquered!)

Anxiety is a natural response to potential threats, which puts the body and mind into a heightened state of alert. In many circumstances, we encounter it is beneficial, like the “almost car accident”, that helped us prevent the crash.
However, there are an estimated 40 million adults that deal with anxiety or persistent anxiety because of perceived threats. Persistent Anxiety generates very different responses in your body and mind.
With Persistent Anxiety again, your body and mind are reacting and responding to the things you’ve witness or endured. But the responses are amplified, causing stress and emotional pain. It can be debilitating. Our internal alarm system seems to go off without warning or reason, and it feels as if no one (even you) can understand what you are experiencing or why.
When this is the case, it is the cumulative effect of multiple unprocessed or unresolved experiences that keep anxiety at the surface or generating a constant undercurrent. It is no surprise that many with Persistent Anxiety deal with depression, fearful there is no way to overcome the challenge. Know that with patience and persistence, it can be conquered!
While a multi-pronged approach is wise, the most valuable tool you can employ is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). “Why EFT?” Because when skillfully applied the unprocessed and unresolved issues will be cleared, allowing body and mind to function more optimally.
“EFT seems so simple, is there a reason I shouldn’t I or couldn’t I do this on my own?”
EFT is a marvelous self-empowerment tool that you can use independently for a multitude of issues. Be that as it may, when it comes to complex issues such as this, trying it on your own can lead to disappointment and more frustration. Many end up deciding it won’t work for them or that EFT doesn’t work. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Persistent Anxiety is complex and requires the guidance and skill that only a seasoned EFT professional can offer. A professional can also offer suggestions other things you can do along with EFT to enhance the process.
Whatever the level of anxiety you may be faced with, trust that there is hope. Trust you possess the strength within to free yourself.

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To your health.
Captain Dick

About Dick Woodhull

Richard L. Woodhull Jr. was born and raised on a potato farm on the eastern end of Long Island in New York State. He went on to Graduate from Cornell University, become a Captain in the US Army, Army Aviator, flight instructor, Forward Air Controller in L-19 ‘Birddog’, Viet Nam Veteran and a commercial airline pilot with United Airlines for 34 years, retiring as a B-747 Captain. Dick established and managed a wholesale perennial flower nursery. Co-owned and managed a 200-unit apartment complex, and owned numerous rental properties. Captain Dick is a Church Elder, past Chairman of the Board of his church pre-school, Team Leader of Community Ministry for 85 to 90 people. He is married, has three children, three step children, twelve grandchildren and two great grandchildren. After 34 years flying for United Airlines, Captain Dick retired and moved to Port Charlotte and loves Florida’s west coast. Realizing he was not ready for retirement, he earned his Real Estate Sales License and has been an Award Winning Realtor® since 2002. Captain Dick is a people person, dedicated to helping you achieve your personal goals with as little stress as possible, and achieving the best possible outcome. He is trained and Certified as a Professional Life & Business Coach. This has enabled him to help others attain their personal and business goals. Captain Dick says, “I’ve had a lot of successes in my life, and a lot of failures. Guess which have been the most powerful and the most positive in getting me to where I really want to be? The failures! (it is only a failure if you quit!) I call them my stepping stones to greater successes. They have been opportunities to stop, and do things differently, with just that much more experience. My biggest inner success has been to take the time, introspection and study to determine what my true passion in life really is. The answer came clear through prayer and retrospection. I am happiest and most fulfilled when helping others achieve their goals. My Motto is: “My happiness is greatest when I contribute most to the happiness of others”. I get to live this every day, working with my awesome real estate team serving buyers, sellers and investors; working with my coaching clients helping them overcome pain, fear, sadness, self-limiting beliefs and truly start enjoying the life of their dreams; and many doubling their business income. I am happiest when I am coaching others and helping them achieve their personal, business and real estate goals. It is my passion. I walk with them while they take the steps toward living their dream life. I could be working for you. “ Captain Dick

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