Stuck in a Midlife Crisis?

Get Relief from PTSD, anxiety, pain, and trauma.

Coaching Will Light the Fire Within You and
be the Catalyst to Something Amazing!

Depression, fear, and anxiety aren't fun when you're in the midst of a life or career change.

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You were designed for more!

Whether by choice or by necessity, career change is never easy.

Due to stress and anxiety can we get stuck in a negative mindset. It affects every aspect of our lives.

Getting beyond negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs will make improve your wellness, enhance work performance, and bring balance to your life.

Best of all, it will help you build stronger, healthier relationships.

Our coaching program will start you on the path to greater success and prepare you for the life you deserve.

Captain Dick Woodhull

  • U.S. Army Captain – flew Forward Air Control in Vietnam.
  • Former Army Aviation Instructor Pilot.
  • Licensed Pilot with 39 years of experience.
  • Retired Boeing 747 Captain – 34 years with United Airlines.
  • 50 years of business and personal coaching experience.
  • Certified Life Coach and Business Coach
  • Trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique and Peace Process
Captain Dick Woodhull and his dog, Yogi.

How it Works

Meet With The Coach

Book a 6-week coaching program with Captain Dick to discuss the issues that are holding you back.

Create a Plan

Work with the coach to objectively create attainable goals to help you reach your full potential.

Implement the Plan

Put your plan into action and begin taking the steps necessary to find the inner peace you seek.

You Are the Coach's #1 Focus

Your coach is the one person you can meet with who is solely there to focus on you, listen to you, support you, empower you and encourage you with no hidden personal agenda. You have a loyal ally, whose primary concern is your success. 

Hiring a personal or business coach is a wise investment in yourself and your future. Coaching is a powerful force for change when you allow your coach to hold you accountable.

  • A coach is more objective than you.
  • A coach will see and expose your blind spots.
  • A coach will answer your questions completely and truthfully.
  • A coach will help you implement strategies to help you reach your goals
  • A coach will keep you from getting sidetracked and help you remain focused on your goals.
  • A coach has the experience to help you get around traps, pitfalls, self-limiting beliefs, and road blocks.

We will provide an environment where you are the number one focus. The entire session will be about you, your goals, and your dreams.

If you feel stuck in the circle of sameness in your life, and have never been able to find or live your passion, Captain Dick Woodhull can help. For those of you who keep trying so hard, but end up mired in the same results that have dragged them down before, the coach can help. Together we will “bust out” into a whole new universe of your design!!


Coach Dick Woodhull is very sensitive to the needs of others and has a gentleness that glides past one’s resistance of his probing. In other words, he makes one feel comfortable talking to him about their personal challenges. Moreover, he does not respond in any judgmental way. His approach is soaked with kindness and understanding as well as a solution-oriented direction. -Dr. Marci Bryant

Working with Dick for the past 7 months has been a life changing experience so far. I started coaching with Dick because I was going through a big career transition time in my life, where I needed to decide a new career path that was best for me. This was causing fear and anxiety in my life and I was not clear on the direction I wanted to go.

Dick first help me identify my interest, dreams and aspirations by asking important questions. He helped me gain clarity, gave me direction, suggestions, and the steps to make the necessary changes to move forward.  He provided me with the tools necessary to achieve my dreams and start a new business that matches my core values. -Carmen

Thank you for your astute observation. I have been very successful coaching female Fortune 500 “C suite” clients for over 20 years. Your brilliant comment when I asked you why you thought I couldn’t attract male “C suite” clients to my business, was like flipping the switch to turn on the bright light. I tried what you suggested and have increased my business revenue by 30% in 4 months with male clients. You are my “Coach of the Year!” –Dr. E.