Decisions vs Resolutions

Why you shouldn’t bother making RESOLUTIONS.

  • They are all about what you THINK you should do.
  • They are what you say you will TRY to do.
  • They are something you WANT to have happen.
  • They are just like most of us treat goals.
  • There is no motivation, commitment or follow through.

Most people treat resolutions like dreams. They are just wishes. To go deep enough to make the change, you must make DECISIONS.

DECISIONS become new BELIEFS in your brain and now it quits fighting you. Your brain goes about searching for evidence which will give the belief credibility and strengthen it. Through this the BELIEFS become THOUGHTS. As the brain processes the thoughts it searches your databanks and aligns FEELINGS about those THOUGHTS. Your brain is a goal achieving machine, so with the THOUGHTS it creates ACTIONS. Doing the ACTIONS creates RESULTS that reinforce the original BELIEF which was created by a DECISION.

Decisions create the desired Results!!



What decisions will you make TODAY?