The Top 10 Benefits of Life Coaching

A PricewaterhouseCoopers survey recently asked clients how they had benefited from their life coaching experiences.  Here are their Top 10 benefits they mentioned:
  1. Increased self-confidence, self esteem –life coaching also enhances a person’s mental health.  Combined, these aspects create a strongly positive mindset – an important key to success.
  2. Better relationships – Life coaches help people gain clarity about their relationship “wants and needs” so they can build healthier relationships.
  3. Improved communication skills – Effective communication reduces misunderstandings and shortens the time it takes to make others understand what you need or want.
  4. Stronger interpersonal skills – From buying fruit to interviewing for a business loan, people skilled at interpersonal relations have the world as their resource.
  5. Enhanced work performance – Life coaching can contribute to a better and more satisfying work experience.
  6. Correct work/life balance – Very much an individual issue, it is often tricky arriving at the equilibrium that’s right for you.
  7. Greater wellness – Being well is more than taking medicine.  Life coaches work with their clients to create “do-able”, comprehensive plans.
  8. Wider career opportunities – These include options that were too frightening, those “out of one’s reach”, and areas that were not even considered but now seem so obvious.
  9. Effective organization and time management  – People feel they control their lives rather than their lives controlling them.
  10. Heightened team effectiveness –  Life coaching is also about groups and teams.  The same benefits that individuals can enjoy also apply to teams and groups.