Mindset is our way of making decisions. It is very basic. Maybe you remember your parents or grandparents telling you, “if you really want something, set your mind to it, and go do it”. Well, it goes much deeper than that. It is in our subconscious. All too often this part can be very negative.
When we start something new, our subconscious wants to protect us from hurt, pain and failure; it will try to convince us to never even get started and will have us think of any reason to quit once we have started. It will have us focusing on all the negative reasons we can’t do it. Our brain is an amazing and powerful search engine and its software is designed for a very specific reason. That is to protect us and do whatever it can to insure we survive. Its entire resource base is the past. When we make a decision, start something new or move toward the unknown it looks for anything in our past that would suggest we should NOT do exactly what we are trying and hoping to do right now. It buries us in all this negative input to convince us to stop, quit, don’t do it or you will only get hurt.
Once we understand how the brain works, we can retrain it to create new ideas and thoughts that will allow us to move forward with success.