How many of you made New Year’s Resolutions this year?
You know:
• weight loss
• stop smoking
• exercise more
• work less
• make more money
How many of you are keeping those resolutions?
Those things take lot of will power. Do you know that we all have a very limited amount of willpower daily? Seriously, just like we have a limited supply of any type of energy. We can’t go out and run all day long can we? Similarly, our willpower energy is truly limited and must be replenished daily. It’s not just something we have plenty of if we would just try hard enough.

So, let’s drop the guilt trip if we have already broken a resolution. Without a very specific plan, and some real transformation, it is almost impossible to make that kind of change permanent.
It is not too late to create an Amazing Year.
A year that is just what you want it to be!
Maybe your best year ever!

Call me and let me help you end 2019 on a high point, and start 2020 with a new outlook!